Cooking is more than a passion for me.
It’s my life, and it always has been.

I grew up helping my mother in the kitchen, and watching her prepare the meals for our family of 8; it taught me firsthand what it means to cook with love. There weren’t so many cooking shows on back then, but together she and I watched everything from Julia Child to The Frugal Gourmet. Those experiences with my mother, working side by side while preparing food for our family, shaped my childhood.

I’ve passed on those experiences with my son, who helps me in my kitchen. Together, we watch all of the cooking shows we can find – we discuss them, learn from them, and experiment with our recipes based on what we’ve watched. To share my love of cooking with him the way my mother shared it with me … that’s the essence of my life.

As a personal chef, I’ve prepared intimate meals for two and meals for large events. I’ve learned so much by cooking for a variety of people and palates; each meal is an adventure, even when I’ve prepared the dish before. Every ounce of it is done with love, which is why I’m writing this blog: I want to share my love of cooking with you!


But sharing is a two-way street! I want to hear from you, learn from you, and know what worked in your kitchen and what didn’t. What’s your go-to recipe for unexpected company? How did your grandmother make her favorite meal? Or if you’ve got a dish that you can’t get right, share it here and together as a community, maybe we can figure it out!

I believe there’s no right or wrong in the kitchen. A recipe is meant to be created and recreated, imagined and reimagined. From the raw ingredients to the first bite of a completed meal takes me on the journey of my life. I’m thrilled to share a bit of my journey here with you.

All in good taste,